I was astonished to find that the pain disappeared

Two and a half years ago, for no apparent reason, I developed pain across my left shoulder. I found it difficult, particularly when driving, to look over my right shoulder when turning or reversing the car.

My GP suggested an X-ray which revealed age-related arthritic degenerative spinal changes. I was advised that, apart from taking painkillers and physiotherapy, little could be done. My daughter, an experienced physiotherapist and her husband, a GP, agreed.

Months of physiotherapy, followed by acupuncture at the hospital did not alleviate the pain. Eventually, I was referred to the Pain Management Clinic. Naturally, I was extremely disappointed when injections into the painful area provided no relief.

I sought treatment privately, first with a physiotherapist, then an acupuncturist and finally, two osteopaths. There was no improvement in my condition.

Two years later, in desperation, and having in the past been reluctant to have my body ‘manipulated’, I considered chiropractic treatment. I happened to come across the amazing testimonials on Cirencester Chiropractic Centre’s website and made an appointment to see Alastair

It’s now six months since my treatment with Alastair began. From almost the very beginning I was astonished to find that the pain disappeared, as if by magic. I still have no pain but continue with treatment to help me look after my body. I am most grateful to Alastair for his kind and gentle manner, his wide knowledge and experience and holistic approach to health.


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