I like the very holistic approach Alastair brings to my treatment!

Good chiropractic care – and by that I mean specifically SOT – has become a vital part of my training programme for track cycling, allowing me to compete at all levels, elite and masters, domestically and internationally.

Many years ago, I sought help to ease back and knee pain that threatened to put a stop to what was, back then, just a hobby.  My GP had offered me pain killers and a surgical consultation, but I felt that there must be other options.  After trying physiotherapy and osteopathy with little success, I eventually found SOT care and it gave me immediate and lasting results.  Now it is a fundamental element of my programme, enabling me to train more intensively and effectively, optimising recovery between sessions and ensuring I get the very best out of myself in competition.

I believe in creating a no-excuses environment for racing and that involves controlling the controllables as effectively as possible.  Health is a difficult one to control, but regular SOT keeps me strong and healthy.  I know that if my body is not properly aligned I cannot hope to train effectively or to perform at my best and the margins in competition are so small, that I am in no doubt SOT has helped me not just to win, but also to set records which I hope will stand for many years.  In fact, I am continuing to set personal bests in my mid 40’s.

Personally, I like the very holistic approach Alastair brings to my treatment; I get advice on nutrition and managing my recovery and immune system, which are so critical for any athlete.

That Alastair continues to study gives me confidence that I am benefiting from the very latest knowledge in many areas of natural healthcare.  In short, I believe the care is so good and so effective for me that I don’t want my competition to find it!

Janet took up cycling in her late 30’s and has since won 14 World Masters track cycling titles and set three World Masters records.  She has also won the elite national women’s track series six times and medalled at every year at the elite national track champions, including one elite national title.



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