Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Many patients who experience pain and discomfort require the resolution of multiple issues. Yet if the root of the problem isn’t found, the treatment received will often only provide at best a temporary ‘quick fix’.

That’s why we attach such importance to carrying out a comprehensive top to ‘toe’ medical assessment. By fully understanding all of the underlying issues, we are able to develop a longer term solution.

Although we can’t offer a guarantee that all pain and mobility problems will be cured, our success rate for curing chronic pain is extremely good.  Patients are often referred to us who have unsuccessfully tried other treatments and we have cured their problems.


What can be guaranteed is that we will:

  • Provide excellent treatment facilities
  • Carry out an initial assessment for free
  • Assess whether you are a good candidate for chiropractic care
  • Locate the cause of your pain
  • Provide a unique insight into the cause of your pain.
  • Tell you what your medical problem is and the cause of it.
  • Provide you with medical information that you have never been told before.


We are open and accepting new patients, please call to make an appointment and for COVID-19 guidelines when visiting.

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